Rally Marketing came to Clatter & Din for help with a viral video campaign that showcased the crazy antics of the boys at Nitro Circus. In the first video of the series, Streetbike Tommy needs help from two of his teammates to hold his skinny jeans while he comes barreling down a 30’ ramp on a boogie board in order to fit himself in the jeans. 

Clatter was tasked with shooting, editing, and creating a hard hitting motion graphics treatment for all three videos of the viral campaign. The production took place on site at Nitro Circus’ world tour stop in Fresno, California. Since the Nitro Circus team has a very limited window for production, Clatter’s crew was able to shoot all the videos for the campaign in 4 hours. In order to get the coverage to complete the edit, Clatter's crew knocked out multiple takes from a total of 5 cameras.

To get the fast-paced action feel that the client needed for the “Skinny Jeans” video, we utilized multiple GoPro cameras that were strapped to both Streekbike Tommy and the boogie board. This allowed us to get Tommy’s point of view, as he’s shredding down the ramp, right before wedging himself into the skinny jeans. 

Once we made it back to Seattle for the edit, we picked up a couple of road flares and various fireworks to film a portion of the motion graphic into treatment. We shot the fireworks in 4k on a black background (in a safe environment of course) to get the elements we needed to complete the compositing. 

After the video edit and motion graphics were locked, we had our very own Sam Gray use his post audio skills to make the graphics treatment and sounds effects come to life. Sam added his own style of sound design and foley to create an intense fire-shooting, motorcycle-rumbling concoction of sounds to bring everything to life.