Taco Time has been a staple in the Pacific Northwest for decades.  We've been fortunate enough to work with them and Leonard Creative on their radio and TV spots for 15 of those glorious, mexi-fries-filled years.  We've always had a great time working with both the Leonard Creative and Taco Time teams.  They've been a staple of our culture here at Clatter&Din, and we always look forward to having them in our studio.

Their most recent spot, "Here's To The Locals", is dedicated to the Pacific Northwest and all its people who make Taco Time a regular spot to get their grub on.  This was a fun change of pace, with new music and a new video direction. Eric Johnson worked his magic and engineered the session, grabbing (as usual) excellent VO from the talent and mixing it with the music track and video.

Check it out! We hope you enjoy this Pacific Northwest tribute as much as we at Clatter love eating tacos.