Case Study:

a viral video campaign for Cracker Jack’D

Ad Age had a lot of good thing to say about the viral videos. 

Here is the write up on Creativity Online

Buzzfeed also gave a shoutout and here is what they had to say about the videos. 


Rally Marketing came to us with a concept for a viral video campaign for Cracker Jack’D. The campaign would consisted of 5 short videos that feature Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. 

The thing that made these 5 videos different was they weren’t featuring the platinum recording artist’s music, fame or fortune. Instead featuring them doing everyday tasks like ironing a shirt, washing your car and petting a cat to show their millions of fans that they are regular people like you and me. Well sorta?

The goal of these videos was to drive interest and traffic to Cracker JackD’s Facebook page and web site so everyone could get a taste of, 

Because of their relentless touring schedule, we were given 4 hours to shoot all 5 videos at their super secret recording studio in Seattle. 

For the props, we popped a couple of tabs, and washed the white walls on the caddie.

Once we hammered the production out, it was back to Clatter to make the magic happen.

The videos opened up with a custom motion graphic, that was a cross between soul train and electric company. Bringin’ old school back to life with a fat electric guitar tone and some trippy effects. 

Ironing out the cuts to get picture lock for the content was a breeze. Well, once Macklemore was able to catch the cat. Come on dude…

Now, being super talented, our friends at Rally couldn’t be there with us all the time.  Other important clients to attend to and all that.  But no problem, cuz’ we could easily post secure work-in-progress video for them to check out and approve. 

But when they WERE here, they’d look at a amazing visual and think ‘That needs some amazing sound design’.  So we’d hop next door to one of our world class audio rooms and create some amazing sound design.  Then, they’d think ‘that amazing sound design needs another amazing visual’, so they’d hop next door and make another amazing visual.  It was all amazingly easy for them.

We wrapped videos with a bookend motion graphics animation that had a call to action with all the cred for the viewers to check out. 

Which they did, in fact so many people checked it out, it hit the top of Buzzfeed and AdWeek in 24 hours. And the YouTube channel gained over half a million hits. Pretty much broke the internet for a bit.

Creating visually cool stuff and enforcing it with some aural awesomesauce is the perfect recipe for success of the campaign.