Dedication. Commitment to Excellence. Deep Experience. These are the kind of pompous descriptive phrases that our people just frickin’ HATE!

(But they actually do kind of describe the team here pretty well.)


Eric Johnson senior sound designer

Eric Johnson
senior sound designer

Yes, THAT Eric Johnson. The guy who’s been sculpting soundscapes at Clatter since before MySpace was a thing.  He prefers his music on vinyl, takes ‘photographs’ with something called ‘film’, smokes artisan meats… and yet throws around 1’s and 0’s in his state-of-the-art control room as if they were one of his Frisbee golf discs. Yes, he’s somewhat guilty of hipsterism, but he’s not douchy or anything.


Sam Gray senior sound designer

Sam Gray
senior sound designer

You’re a creative person with your eye on the Big Picture.  Or perhaps you’re a harried producer who lives and dies with the gritty details. Enter Sam. He is the consummate micro/macro kind of guy. That far-away look Sam gets when you explain your vision?  Sure, it might just be low blood sugar, but chances are he’s about to suggest something frickin’ brilliant.  
Check out his reel, and turn it up!


Scott Manley senior video editor

Scott Manley
senior video editor

More tools than a Swiss Army knife, and just as sharp.  That’s Scott Manley.  An artist’s eye and a software geek’s intellect, (with a personality somewhere in between), Scott excels at editing, making graphics sing, and color-grading with nuance and taste.  If you want all your pixels in the exact right order, Scott’s your Man…ley.


Rachel Komenski executive producer

Rachel Komenski
executive producer

Rachel is a cat person.  Which is sort of perfect for an executive producer;  Always watching, ready to pounce on anything that seems out of place, keeping the rest of the staff on their toes - always wondering if ‘that look’ is one of affection or contempt, a strange fear of cucumbers, obsessive self-grooming... And she knows who actually runs the place while letting others think that THEY do.


Meredith Bacher accounting

Meredith Bacher

Apparently, a place as magical as Clatter&Din doesn't just run itself.  For all the technical wizardry and beer-swilling good times, there lurks behind the scenes stupid boring stuff like ‘paying people’ and ‘sending invoices’ and ‘having another talk with the staff about inappropriate workplace behavior’.  Meredith takes that bullet for our team.  And although the rest of us don’t really know what she does, we’re glad she does it.  She also brings treats. (See ‘Joanna Raustein’)


Sanino Garcia client services

Sanino Garcia
client services

What makes Clatter&Din ‘’Clatter&Din’’ ?  Let’s see… a strong background in the media arts, top-notch hospitality, attention to detail, style, humor… Oh wait! I’ve just described Santino!  As equally adept at putting together a cheese and fruit platter or pulling the perfect shot as he is at acting and other creative pursuits, no one embodies that Clatter thing like our Santino! 


Joanna Raustein producer

Joanna Raustein

Jo is a dog person.  Which is sort of perfect for front desk/office manager/assistant producer.  Always glad to see you, eager to please, happy to fetch whatever information request is thrown her way, terrific intelligence and a natural herding instinct.  And she goes bat-shit-crazy when presented with a treat.  Seriously.


Marco Mendoza audio engineer

Marco Mendoza
audio engineer

All truly great audio engineers have not two ears, but three;  the two that flap around on the sides of their head, and a third that beats in their chest.  It is this ‘third ear’ that makes Marco such an exceptional talent.  Without it, Marco wouldn’t be the sensitive, sublimely creative person that he is, while being such an awesome person to hang out with.  Also, he would literally die.


Ben Kersten music composer | sound designer

Ben Kersten

music composer | sound designer

Super talented at both sound design and music composition, incredibly nice, a great husband and father, tall, good looking… what’s not to love about Ben?  If Clatter&Din were a high school, Ben would be the homecoming king (although probably not a husband and father). But he would still sign even YOUR annual!  And it would be thoughtful and personal too.


Peter Barnes co-founder

Peter Barnes

From punk rock drummer to media mogul, co-founder Peter Barnes has done it all - and there’s a decent chance that he’s done at least some of it with your or someone you know.  When not wearing a metaphorical suit and taking care of bidness, he’s serving as a post-supervisor, executive producing or sorting mic cables by length and color coding them accordingly. He’s actually not nearly as cool as everyone thinks he is. 


Vince Werner co-founder

Vince Werner

From Alter Boy to media mogul, co-founder Vince Werner has mixed more commercials than a shut in with a broken remote has even SEEN. Despite never being a punk rock drummer, hearing loss has sent back to his film and video roots. When not weighing in on ‘high-level’ company management, he writes really awesome copy for this web site.  He’s actually way cooler than everyone thinks he is.